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At Soirée Society we successfully work with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds to create opportunities to meet like-minded people who energise, intrigue and attract. We are an award winnng agency, recognised by our peers in the industry as offering an exceptional service.

We understand the challenges some of our members may face as life takes them into a fresh situation, out of comfort zones and often with some reluctance. Others are time-poor, juggling demanding careers and/or family commitments with the search for companionship.

Our discreet and professional service takes the stress out of moving ahead with your life to even more positive experiences as we combine fun events and bespoke matchmaking. 

Shouldn’t solitude be a choice and isolation a thing of the past?

Do you believe that the best experiences in life are those that are shared with someone special? 

If you agree, Soirée Society offers the solution. 



LeConnex Matchmaking System